We won an award

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I've given an update, but I wanted to share some good news with all of you.

At the 9th Annual Whistleblower Summit, I was honored to receive the Shaw/Marven Pillar Award for the work I've done on this bill. I was nominated by the Whistleblowers of America, a nonprofit organization assisting whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation after having identified harm to individuals or the public It is given to an active duty service member for blowing the whistle on significant issues within the Department of Defense.

Some other winners included the actor Joaquin Phoenix, Dr. Li Wengliang (Wuhan Central Hospital doctor who died after he blew the whistle about COVID-19), and many other brave government employees and veterans (some of which were killed or took their own life) who I am in awe of to even be mentioned in the same sentence as them.

To be frank, being a whistleblower stinks. It is a lonely, dark road to be on, but encouragement like this is what compelled me to keep moving forward to do the right thing. It’s not always easy doing what is right and I have never faced a challenge like this in my life. Threats, harassment, retaliation, isolation, and constant attacks on my character are just the tip of the iceberg of difficulties faced.

We have a discrimination problem in the military.

As America moves towards passing laws that address systemic racism within the police, we cannot leave our nation’s service members on the side of the road and allow the military to "police itself" when it comes to discrimination. We need concrete reform that re-imagines the barbaric, ineffective policies of yesteryear. It’s been a problem for a very long time and we are living in an environment that is ripe for historic change. Awards are a great way of directing the spotlight, but we still need to fight to amend the antiquated Feres Doctrine and give service members the legal protections they deserve.

Diversity and inclusion makes it safer for service members to be deadly.

I want to thank those who believed in me, for nominating me, and voting for me. If you’d like to help, call/email your Congressperson or Senator and ask them to support this bill, and send them the link:

Thank you! Love you all!

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