Making Progress!

Wow, I'm humbled and honored to have received such overwhelming support for this movement from you! If you had any doubts if your voice mattered or not, let me give you a quick update:

-3,000 signatures in our first 3 days

-The bill went from 1 Senator's desk to 3; Zero House Reps to 11

-We received enough donations to start a website:

-Twitter Account: @StremelUSN

-I've received DOZENS of stories of how the military and/or the Family Advocacy Program discriminated against you. Now there's a way to share your personal stories of discrimination privately. You can send your story [either about you or someone you know] to:

(Note: We will never share your personal information without your written permission! We may select your story to be shared in front of congress, post on the website, or even get you in touch with someone who can help your situation.)

-Our website has a way to find out who your Senator and Congressperson are by entering your address! Many supporters have already taken the initiative and made phone calls, sent emails, letters, or Tweeted their Representative asking them to support this bill!

Please share the link again and let's reach 5,000 signatures before the first week is over! Thank you all so much from me and my family!

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