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"We believe the spirit of this bill puts the Whistleblowers of America on the right side of history and we are honored to be one of its early endorsers."

-Whistleblowers of America

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"Once we heard what he was going through, we knew that we couldn't stand by and not do anything to help. This was so important to us because discrimination can come in any form. The organization that was supposed to be helping Jon get help for him and his son was discriminating against him based on the fact that he is a male. From an advocacy and a policy standpoint, it is very important that this bill is introduced and passed."

-Minority Veterans of America

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"Literally less than a handful of cases come to mind where somebody had a good experience with FAP. In that sense Jonathan's case is a very good example of FAP's inadequacies, especially when it comes to male service members who are experiencing domestic violence."

-Protect Our Defenders

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Don't Know Who Your Congressperson Is? Use this Link! 

Let them know you want them to support this bill!

Don't Know Who Your Senator Is? Use this Link!

Let them know you want them to support this bill!

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